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example of the compasion of Shirley Anne  
Monday, August 31, 1998, Shirley A. LEWIS rented a car and drove to London to look after her husband’s mother Hilda Charlotte SWEENEY (nee Taylor), who had a pre-op appointment with an eye specialist, Doctor WILLIS. It was not known how long Shirley would be away, I, John Trevor LEWIS, needed the car as I had several Doctor appointments in Brampton over the following weeks. In turn Shirley required a car to drive to London Ontario, also to
transport her mother-in-law about. The appointment with Dr. WILLIS was kept.

NOTE:- Michael SWEENEY a son was working in Toronto that is why Shirley LEWIS his sister-in-law went to London. Michael returned to London Saturday, Sept. 5, 1998, for the weekend.

Wednesday, September 2, 1998, Dr. WILLIS operated on Mrs. SWEENEY’S left eye. Medical treatment consisted of drops for the eye four times a day. Understandably mother, Mrs. Sweeney aged 92 years could not administer the drops herself. Shirley had to be there to do this task. As Shirley was renting a car at considerable expense and Michael had to return to his job in Toronto, Shirley drove mother up to Barrie so that she could be cared for here. It was the intent of the family to have mother back in London for a scheduled Brain Scan, Friday, Sept. 18th, at the Victoria Hospital, London. Due to circumstances as shown in the copy of a letter delivered to Dr. Sharma a different course of action had to be taken.
CPMFA --- Satellites  
August 27, 2004

Charlie: You will always be welcome in this household, the same as a lot of our other friends, this also applies to you Cathy and Blair as well as my brother. He and his daughter don’t have to feel like strangers. It is a good idea to call first we do spend at the doctors offices, if you come and we have to rush out that would be a shame.

I try to make a point of getting out of the house every day, even if its just to the plaza to do a little shopping and have a coffee, the life blood of coppers. Years ago I conducted more then one officer evaluation in a coffee shop, its not so informal. I don’t know how its done now., but I hope its mean full and informative. If I don’t go to the plaza I spend a lot of time at the nurseries (the place where they grown flowers, not herd children) RONA is a very large building supply store and nursery (flowers). A couple of days ago I was in RONA when this man in his mid-forties employed by the store came up and said do you remember me, I certainly recognized him but I could not put him to a name, my brain started going through a lot of police officers, military types, vets and what ever else. How far did the clock swing back, certainly a few decades. It was at the time that I founded the Central Peel Minor Football Association. This man had been a member of the Satellite Junior Football Club. Fond memories of this time, Brent was age about 9 years and played nose guard of Ronald McDonald’s team of 13 year olds. Pete Martin who had been a linebacker with the Argos had formed the Mississauga Minor Football league, Scott my eldest played in that league, I figured why not Chingucousy and Brampton for a minor football league (not soccer or as it was called way back when round ball) That’s how that league was born. The senior Satellites were still playing at Etobicoke, to make a long story short the team folded that’s when the the Brampton Satellite Junior Football team was formed, the organizational meeting took place a Jeff Orr’s.

My total family was involved in football, Scott played for the Satellites, Shirley my wife was secretary, Rhonda my daughter was a cheerleader (she still has her uniform) and I looked after the physical fitness of the team. We were a family unit, and when the going gets tough now the ranks close.

I will not give the name out but I will tell a little story, maybe Charlie, Blair or Scott might recall this incident.
The Satellites practised at Bramalea Secondary School and used the small cement block building at the Club house. We practised five even ning a week and play on the weekend. Mr. Fred Chalk was the principal of the school. One evening a call was received that a group of teenagers were painting the stands at Bramalea SS, in the colours of Central Peel Secondary. I was on Desk duty at the Chingucousy Police Station as a Desk Sgt. It was not long after the cars were dispatched to the School that a group of teenagers arrived at the front desk among them was this man from RONA, I maintained a very stern attitude but I was a busting a gut inside. Fred Chalk attended at the station in a very angry mood, he wanted these criminal teens locked up for the night. That would have served no useful purpose, arrangements were made for this group to repaint the sands in the Bramalea Colours ..

These were fun times no doubt about it. The Bramalea Satellites did not win many games if any at all, as a team they lost but they never lost their enthusiasm in my mind they were not losers but young men growing up having a good time. Scott can speak for himself, I know Shirley and Rhonda enjoyed themselves I think Scott did as well, when we had home games we had quarterback clubs and once in a while Sports Celebrity Dinners. Brent enjoyed himself in the minors and later played for the Ottawa Rough Riders and the Argo’s. All my children were athletic and school smart (we are lucky parents) all our grandchildren are involved in sports or heading that way. Brent and his wife Karin climb rocks, glaciers and run marathons. Shirley was the one who got up took the children to various sports games and practices, I spent most of my time working, I got used to noise about the house during the day, today I sleep with the radio on.
Thank you Charlie. John/ JTL
from Charlie Trimble  
August 21, 2004
Hi Shirley - Hi John
Shirley - John has been keeping me posted on your progress and sending the occasional photograph. You have had a rough go of it but, as I understand things, are on a break for the time being. I certainly hope the treatments are doing what they are designed for and you feel up to seeing your family. I really wish you well and I hope to travel down that way some time in the next month to visit. It will be brief as I tend to visit all over the place when I go to Brampton. Of course I always stop in at "work" to visit old acquaintances and then get stuck there for hours (I love it). Keep on working hard to get better Shirley - the old boy needs someone to keep him in line. Hugs and kisses.
John - Thanks for all the updates. I feel a bit useless to your situation and never quite know what to say. I send along the odd joke here and there just to let you know that I am thinking of you guys. Life here has been treating me quite well - read: I have my health! Phyllis is still working and I am doing little part time jobs here and there when asked. Work with Bill Law on a horse farm that he is the property manager at; a bit of haying with my brother-in-law; painting wit a neighbour plus volunteering with Victim Services and now Hospice. Lately there has been little part time work but hospice has been calling me. Of course there is always some chore to be done at home and both my parents, who live here in town, are slipping quickly health wise (they are both 85). Dad still drives but probably shouldn't. He knows it and is very safety conscious. Still;law, refusing to give up his independence without a fight, is very reluctant to call for a driver. He works his butt off to look after mother who is in very poor health. Although I no longer "work" I still don't spend enough time looking after them. (It's a long story).
John, I know you love your partner dearly and feel an obligation to look after her, but, you can't do it all yourself. I know you are having people come in to assist around the house and I am glad that you are willing to do that. You should also consider "ME" time for yourself. If Shirley is able to be left on her own for a bit - go out. If she is not then arrange to go out when someone is coming in. Look after yourself in other words. Like the advice we used to give to the rookies heading to a major call - drive carefully, you can't help someone if you don't get there.
Take care of yourselves, both of you. Hope to visit soon.

Shirley and Great Grandmother Sweeney  
AUGUST 19, 2004 from Michael Sweeney.

Shirley and Great Grandmother

Once upon a time there was a Great Grandmother who lived all alone in a far away place called London. She lived in an old brick house on a street called Mt. Pleasant Avenue. Since she lived alone she need a lot of help. There was this nice lady called Shirley. (Shirley was Great Grandmother’s daughter-in-law.) Anyway, Shirley was just about the nicest daughter-in-law you could ever have. She was always around to help and had a great sense of humour – Great Grandmother’s frequently need a funny and helpful person around!

Now this daughter-in-law, Shirley, would come to help take Great Grandmother grocery store, to the doctor, to the hospital, to the bank, to the flower store, to the clothing store and to the wine store. (Great Grandma loved her Sherry so much.) Great Grandma and Shirley would sit out on the porch at Mt. Pleasant Avenue and read and talk and drink coffee and tea and drink Sherry and that special Gingerale. They would read together, tell stories and look at the young fellows walking by – even though neither would ever admit that activity. Sometimes they would go out to MacDonald’s for Cheeseburgers, Coffee, Tea, ice cream and French fries. When the place needed cleaning Shirley would pitch in and clean everything up.

Now Shirley would come down at the ‘drop of a hat’. Once she took grandma in for two operations and then drove her back to her place along way away in a place called Barrie. And when Great Grandmother went to the hospital Shirley would be at the hospital sharing her time and her sense of humour just about every second weekend. This made Great Grandma feel very happy. Frequently grandmother’s needed support as other folks tried to take advantage of them. Shirley was there for that too. She made sure that Great Grandma had everything she needed and that no one took advantage of her Now, when Great Grandma was in the hospital Shirley would help to look after the house and Great Grandmother’s cat Tigger. MS.

Don't remember too much about the period after David died. Mother and Shirley both mentioned that they wished that they had died instead of him. I felt the same way.


August 17, 2004
JL - advise your bride you are in the thoughts of two families spread between Sicamous & Montreal - hopefully she's resting well and having quality time with her loved ones. Best regards to you both. Bob & Shirley and no doubt from Ian & Carol.

Hello Bob,

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